How we work

We understand that you’re juggling many competing demands in managing your company.

Our goal is to relieve the strain and build your finance capability.

Our approach scales as you do, help you make the transition from establishing general finance hygiene and solid governance, to a point where you are confident in your numbers and can face the scrutiny of any due diligence process. 

A Gram Virtual CFO is an independent and experienced sounding board for discussing ideas, giving you back the time and focus you need to continue turning your vision into reality.

Diagnostic, health check
(3 months)

Building a solid foundation for your business, means ensuring that all of the basic fundamentals of a good finance function are in place. We will assess where you are now, and work with you to:

  • Understand and establish your compliance requirements, including ATO/ASIC/State Govt/Workcover/BAS.
  • Ensure robust financial controls, such as implementing a monthly close process and setting up reporting mechanisms.
  • Review all operational processes, such as sales, payables, and payroll.
  • Produce a series of longer-term recommendations.

Once a strong finance function has been established we turn our focus to ensuring that all business processes are efficient as possible, implementing improvements where needed:

  • Ensuring that ‘business as usual’ activity continues and that we continue to realise the gains made in the first stage.
  • Developing reporting and information requirements.
  • Identifying key metrics, such as cost of customer acquisition and lifetime customer value.
  • Developing financial forecasts and budget models that will form the basis of future analysis and reporting.

Efficiency improvement (3 months)

Optimisation (ongoing)

The process of optimisation and incremental improvement is continuous. During this stage we look at:

  • The ongoing management of financial processes and procedures so that systems remain robust, and that any further improvements are identified and implemented.
  • Monthly reporting and analysis to ensure that we are maximising every opportunity to enhance profitability.
  • Board reporting that contains all key information.
  • Continuing to meet compliance obligations.

At times you may need to raise capital to propel you to the next level. This can be time consuming, particularly for startups who may have less experience with fundraising. We will support you to ensure the highest chance of success in securing funding. We will provide:

  • Capitalisation table calculations and management.
  • Financial modelling and scenario analysis.
  • Preparation of materials for due diligence requirements.
  • Data room set up and management.


“We recently listed on the ASX and the Gram team led by Margarita, were an integral part of this process. Gram delivered to a high standard all financial requirements for the prospectus, continued the day to day finance operations, as well as built the finance capability to support us now we are a public company.”


Shared effort. The Gram difference.

We work hard as part of your team as we know that running a successful startup or scale-up business means it’s all hands on deck. We bring an enhanced skill set and broad experience to build and embed the financial discipline required to support the growth of your business.

Gram Virtual CFO.

From the horizon to the bottom line.