How we can help you

The benefits of a Virtual CFO can be a game changer for your business.

You don’t have to be a large company to benefit from a virtual CFO. We work with a range of tech companies at different stages of growth to help them solidify their financial position and move confidently towards their vision. Find out how a virtual CFO can help your business.

A virtual CFO helps you analyse key business drivers

You think your company should be growing faster to toward break-even and generating profits, but do you have the data to analyse this? 

A Gram virtual CFO is an experienced financial analyst. We dive into your business and provide insights that enable you to leverage the opportunity available to you. 

We give you certainty about which factors are most important in driving the growth and profitability of your company. Systematic analysis of your business allows us to identify relevant key performance indicators, how they can be tracked and analysed, and how they should influence your strategy.

A Virtual CFO ensures your financials can withstand scrutiny

If your financial systems do not produce robust, accurate information for reporting purposes and decision-making, there’s a good chance that they won’t convince your board or investors either – plus they make every decision you make far more risky. 

We can help ensure your systems produce timely and accurate insights for the purpose of making informed decisions, as well as generating reliable and clear reporting that satisfies the needs of your stakeholders.

A Virtual CFO frees you up to focus on growth

When you’re at the helm of a smaller startup or company, there is a good chance that you are either spending too much time in accounting and financial management – or it is not being focused on at all. 

One of the surprising benefits of a Gram virtual CFO is the time you get back in your day need to focus on growth. We act as your partner, managing the day-to-day financials while providing recommendations about the best way to structure your business to facilitate growth and maximum operational efficiency.

Shared effort. The Gram difference.

We work hard as part of your team as we know that running a successful startup or scale-up business means it’s all hands on deck. We bring an enhanced skill set and broad experience to build and embed the financial discipline required to support the growth of your business.

Gram Virtual CFO.

From the horizon to the bottom line.